Equality Diversity and Inclusion through an Organisational Development Lens

Hello Everyone!

It was great to meet you at the “ED&I through an OD Lens”  programme, held on 6th, 7th and 8th March 2018.

Six months have passed since you participated and we feel this is the perfect opportunity to obtain your post-programme feedback and understand how your  learning has impacted upon your work.

It is our intention to offer the same or similar programme again in the New Year. However, we wish to request your help in developing the programme. Please would you be kind enough to complete this evaluation form by Wednesday 3rd October 2018. This will help us to assess the effectiveness of the programme and identify areas where we may develop it further.

We will share the collated feedback with you.

Thanking you in anticipation of your help.


  • For the following five statements - please select one answer to rate your response.
  • Personal Development Template:
  • 1. Thinking back to your commitment at the end of the programme, did you fulfill it, if so how, if not what got in the way?
  • 2. Please tell us how strategic your thinking and actions have been since participating in the programme.
  • 3. Please tell us who did you further involve at a more strategic level in our shared work?
  • 4. Please tell us about what you prioritised and why?
  • 5. Please tell us about the areas of your practice you have reflected upon since you participated in the programme.
  • 6. Please tell us how or if your thinking and behaviour changed because of your involvement in the programme.
  • 7. Please tell us more about how your work on inclusion has changed following your participation on the programme.
  • 8. Please tell us more about the impact you have had so far.
  • 9. Please tell us more about your overall experience of participating in the programme.