Employee Volunteering Process

With the support of HEE, the NHS Leadership Academy is delighted to champion and support its employees to contribute up to three working days annually for volunteering within their communities, connecting to the NHS frontline and giving back to a good cause within our wider society.  Volunteering consists of offering your personal time, skills and experience to a good cause without receiving payment.  As a volunteer you’ll not only have the opportunity to utilise your existing skills, talents and experience, you will also benefit from the opportunity to broaden your experience, in addition to developing new skills and talents in support of your personal development.


Staff have three routes to volunteer:

  • Self-organised – You can organise the volunteering process yourself by finding an host organisation and role where you can volunteer
  • Existing Volunteering – If you already volunteer and would like to extend your volunteering with the organisation you are engaged with, please discuss this with your line manager; some people may choose this option as a further their involvement to gain further insight and experiences.
  • Facilitated placement – The Patient and Engagement team can organise a facilitated volunteer placement with an organisation for you (please allow up to 28 days for the team to organise this)



Please fill in the form below to share your placement details and requirements with the Patient and Engagement team: