GMTS Assurance 2019 Intake Stage 2 (TVW)

The process of bidding for a trainee within the 2019 Intake consists of 3 assurance stages.

This online form is stage 2, the DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING THIS FORM IS 3 MAY 2019. Following submission you’ll be contacted by your LLA Lead in due course regarding the final stage – Quality Assurance of your bid and subsequent bid outcome.

A stage 2 submission cannot be made without having made a Stage 1 submission, if you haven’t yet submitted at stage 1 please stop completing this form and contact your LLA GMTS Lead immediately. Contact details can be obtained here

A stage 2 submission must be made per bid for example if at stage 1 your intention was to commit to 2 HR trainees and 1 General Management trainee you should submit 3 stage 2 forms.

Useful information to complete this form:

  • You may see references throughout this form such as “A1, B1”, these are for office use only please don’t be concerned by these.
  • Where there are drop down lists from which you’re asked to select an option there will be a small downwards facing arrow to the right of the question. You need to click in the field to select from the drop down menu not on the arrow.
  • You’re able to save and continue completing the form at a later date – you’ll see this option right at the bottom of the form. If you select this option you’ll be provided with a unique link to complete the form at a later time and you can also select an option to have the link emailed to you.


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