Leadership Academy Forms

NHS Talent Management Pilot – Deputy Director of Finance

NHS Talent Management Pilot - Deputy Director of Finance

  • Please include:
    • How long have you been in your current post?
    • Is it a permanent appointment?
    • Is it this your first DoF post? (DoFs only)
    • Were you an internal appointment?
    • What is your portfolio (e.g. estates, IT etc? Deputy Chief Exec?)
  • Please include:
    • Did you join the GMTS?
    • Did you join the NHS from a different sector?
    • Have you worked across different areas of the NHS (acute, community, MH, commissioner, NHSE etc)?
  • Please include:
    • Type of role?
    • Any particular type of organisation?
    • When would you consider making a move?
    • If you could pick one perfect job what would it be?
    • Deputies only– if/ when do you feel you would be ready to make the step to DoF (6mths, 1 year, 2 yrs etc)
  • Please include:
    • What skills/competencies/attributes do you feel are necessary?
    • What additional exposure/experience would you need?
  • Please include:
    • If you are not looking to progress to a bigger role/next level – why not?
    • Any perceived risks you see to taking a career step? E.g. lack of financial incentive to progress etc
  • Please include:
    • i.e. home location and ability to commute?
    • Are you able to relocate/ would you live away from home?