Learning to Lead in Health and Care Abstract Proposal for Poster Display

Thank you for submitting a poster proposal for the Learning to Lead in Health and Care Conference on the 25 March 2020. This is an opportunity to showcase leadership projects, developments and initiatives in your organisation. 

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the conference.

Please note that abstracts must not exceed 500 words.

  • Background and context:
  • • Describe the department or community, organisation or country where the work was done • Describe the team involved and the target audience
  • Issue or problem:
  • • Briefly outline the specific challenge that you addressed, who was affected and in what way? • What instigated the piece of work, was there a ‘trigger’ event/publication?
  • Description of intervention:
  • • Describe what you have done and how you went about it • Describe how your work contributes to your understanding of leadership • Outline how you involved key stakeholder including students and patients involved?
  • Evaluation:
  • • Describe your process and approach to measuring the effect of the intervention • Include your analytical methods and the results obtained • Please state if you do not have final results available, but indicate any preliminary/anticipated final results • Outline your future plan, next steps
  • Key messages /Lessons learnt:
  • • Outline the lessons that you have learnt from this work and the things you would do differently if you were starting again • What would be your ‘top tips’?
  • References
  • Please list any articles and publications that you have informed your project

For further questions or queries, please email clinicalleadership@leadershipcademy.nhs.uk

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